eCosway Launching Soon
A new global opportunity that merges the powers of e-commerce and network marketing.

eCosway is a worldwide online shopping mall featuring thousands of exciting products sourced both locally and internationally, most of which are currently not available in Cosway Malaysia. All browsing, ordering, payment and delivery are handled through the internet.

How does eCosway benefit you? By promoting the online shopping mall to family and friends here and all over the world, you will be able to build an international network of shoppers and members, and earn a monthly commission from the sales volume generated.

Don't miss this golden, global opportunity to build the income of your dreams. Pre-registration of members is expected to start in May, and actual online shopping will follow 2 months later.

Find out more from your upline or nearest Cosway stockist.

New Products!
Check out the full collection of new products in the enclosed brochure. Try them out now with an exceptional Introductory Offer!

New, Improved Formulation From PowerMax

Incorporating the very latest in cleaning technology, PowerMax Concentrated Liquid Detergent and Fabric Softener is now available to you in improved formulation to give greater available to you in imporved formulation to give greater efficiency, greater benefits and greater saving.

PowerMax Concentrated Liquid Detergent (1000 ml)
Code : 0876
Normal : RM12.90 WM /
                RM13.90 EM
Introductory Offer :
RM9.50 WM / RM10.50 EM
PowerMax Fabric Softener (600 ml)
Code : 0873
Normal : RM8.90 WM /
                RM9.90 EM
Introductory Offer :
RM6.50 WM / RM7.50 EM

PowerMax Instant Press (400 ml)
Code : 0875
Normal : RM8.90 WM /
                RM9.90 EM
Introductory Offer :
RM6.50 WM / RM7.50 EM
Instantly "irons out" creases, eliminates odours and freshens clothes

A remarkable fabric freshener spray which deodorises and sanitises as well as removes creases from garments worn more than once before washing, such as, trousers, jackets, suits, uniforms, ties, headscarves and hats.

ORIYEN Phyto Biotic (40 capsules)
Code : 3664
Normal : RM28.50 WM /
                RM29.50 EM
Introductory Offer :
RM18.50 WM / RM19.50 EM
Herbal Alternative To Antibiotics

"Antibiotic" herbs contain the active compounds that act on a active compounds that act on a wide spectrum of infection-causing organisms safely and naturally. ORIYEN Phyto Biotic contains extracts of herbs traditionally used for : sore throut, colds, headaches, swelling of lymph nodes, mumps, mouth ulcers, fatique, loose stool, bad breath, watery phlegm which progresses to thick yellowish and greenish consistency, nausea and feeling of fullness or flatulence with loss of appetite, constipation and poor skin condition.

Good Digestion : The Basis For Good Health

We are not what we eat, but rather what we digest and absorb. Poor digestion causes painful discomforts and it also impairs nutrient breakdown, absorption and utilization. We may eat a highly nutritious meal, but if our digestive system is not working optimaly, the nutrients pass through the body unabsorbed and go to waste.

Oriyen Digestin is a natural remedy combining the efficacy of 18 time-tested herbs.
Provides quick relief from symptoms of poor digestion, such as indigestion, gas (belching and passing wind), bloatedness and colic.
Improves overall digestion, thus improving health and vitality.

ORIYEN Digestin (30 capsules)
Code : 3663
Normal : RM15.00 WM /
                RM16.00 EM
Introductory Offer :
RM9.80 WM / RM10.80 EM

ORIYEN Pure Instant
Soybean Powder (500g)
Code : 3661
Normal : RM9.50 WM /
                RM10.50 EM
Introductory Offer :
RM7.90 WM / RM8.90 EM
Delicious, Nutritious Instant Pure Soybean Powder

Made from high-grade soybean.
Contains no preservatives, chemical additives, sugar, stabilizers, artificial flavours or colours.
No cholesterol !
Drink it straight or enhance the taste and flavour with winter melon syrup, honey, condensed milk, pandan, cincau, cugar syrup or even brown sugar !

The 'Miraculous' Rose Hip Oil For All Kinds Of Skin Imperfections

Bioglo Rose Hip Oil is a 100% concentrate of pure rose hip oil extracted from the seed of Rosa Mosqueta, the mystical wild roses of Chile. This therapeutic oil possesses highly potent cellular regenerative properties that dramatically repairs the appearance of dermal scars, reduces visible signs of ageing and greatly improves the hydration of skin tissues. Effective for :

• Scars • Dry Skin
• Stretch Marks • Damaged Hair
• Pigmentation • Flaky Scalp
• Wrinkles

Bioglo Rose Hip Oil (15ml)
Code : 7477
Normal : RM38.00 WM /
                RM39.00 EM
Introductory Offer :
RM19.90 WM / RM20.90 EM

Aubry Goats Milk Facial
Cleanser (225ml)
Code : 93943
Normal : RM16.50 WM /
                RM17.50 EM
Introductory Offer :
RM9.90 WM / RM10.90 EM
Nourishing Facial Cleanser

The newest addition to Aubry Goats Milk range of luxurious personal care products.
This unique pH-balanced foaming facial cleanser pampers and nurtures your skin with every wash.
It gently cleanses while it moisturises and nourishes skin with the goodness of goats milk-leaving skin comfortably clean, soft and supple.

Mildura Mocha Fruit Cake

A delicious smooth-textured fruit cake packed with generous amount of sultanas, mixed peels and glaced cherries blended with French mocha for a supreme taste.

Mildura Mocha Fruit Cake (400g)
Code : 2733
Normal : RM8.90 WM /
                RM9.90 EM
Introductory Offer :
RM6.90 WM / RM7.90 EM