Healthy, Freshly-Baked Bread for the Whole Family

With a larger 3.0lbs capacity and non-stick baking pan, the EMPRESS™ Bread Maker enables you to enjoy hassle-free baking and fresh, tasty bread any time you like, just the way
you like it!

Bread pan, measuring cup, measuring spoon, kneading blade

 White bread    Wholemeal   Raisin bread  Walnut raisin       Jam
                          bread                               bread
Bread Maker

One-Year Warranty

10 Programmes: Basic, French, Whole Wheat, Sweet, Cake, Quick, Bread Dough, Dough, Jam, Bake
Loaf weight selection: 2.0lbs, 2.5lbs, 3.0lbs
Crust colour: Light, Medium, Dark
13-hours Delay Start Timer
Automatic 1-hour keep warm function
Clear top window for easy monitoring