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R10859 Philips Noodle Maker 200W
Capacity: 500g
Quick noodle making in 10 minutes: yields around 250g of noodle
Adjustable kneading time (5,6,7,8min) for springiness
Come with 4 shaping discs for Spaghetti, Penne, Fettuccine & Lagsana
Smart drawer to keep all the shaping mouths in one place

R10837   Elba Water Dispenser 680W - 7Lt.
Reboiling function, temperature constantly maintain at 100C
Electricity saving with base heating function
Removable lid that enables easy water pouring as well as cleaning

R10853 Khind Instant Water Boiler
LCD display with blue backlight illumination
Sprout light for easy night time use
Transparent water gauge with clear level mark
Detachable stainless steel water drip tray for easy cleaning

R10858 Panasonic Thermo Pot - 4Lt.
98/90/80/70ºC keep warm selection
Diamond fluorine & binchotan-carbon coated inner pot
Slow drip feature for drip-brewed coffee
6 hours energy saving timer
Easy-to-clean non-stick interior
Over heating protection