8-Stage Water Purifier

Living Water for Vibrant Health

for Family
Clean & uncontaminated, mineral-rich, slightly alkaline, oxygenated, energised & has smaller molecular clusters
The ideal health-enhancing drinking water for everyone in the family
Excellent for mixing baby formulas

for Cooking
Helps remove harmful pesticides & chemical
Keeps vegetables & fruit fresh
Retains freshness of meat, seafood & eliminates fishly odour

for Supplementation
Contains smaller molecular clusters, so it can be easily absorbed by cells, ensuring optimal delivery
of vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutrients to
the body

for Plants
Prolongs the freshness of cut flowers for a longer lasting bloom
Optimises growth of potted plants

for Pets
Keeps pets healthy & odourless
Promotes shiny coats
Excellent for rearing fish

8-Stage Water Purifier
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The Water Puzzle And The Hexagonal Key, 2004
by Dr. Mu Shik Jhon
Hexagonal water is the water for life! All biological organisms prefer it and they respond with enhancement in growth, metabolic efficiency and enzyme activation. On the other hand, the loss of Hexagonal water from our bodies can be correlated with disease, lack of vitality and aging.

The better filter choice for healthy drinking water with
8 great benefits
Effectively removes chlorine, impurities, pesticides, volatile organic chemicals and heavy metals in the water
Infuses water with energy and water retains more oxygen for cellular uptake
Enriches water with ionic minerals & trace minerals
Provides water that is slightly alkaline
Provides water with small hexagonal molecular clusters that can be immediately used by the body
Produces water that improves the taste of food and beverages
No boiling needed if the water is from a water treatment plant
Easy to install and maintain