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  Product of Korea
Slow Juicer     Code: RA0660

   Low Speed Technology System (LSTS)
Uses dual PRESSING and SQUEEZING methods
Pushes slowly and vertically to press out the juice from the pulp
Slow 47 RPM speed and low motor heat reduce oxidation in the juices
More nutrients are being retained, allowing it to stay fresher

   The Secret Behind Live Juices
7smile Slow Juicer Conventional Juicer
Natural juice colour (no separation)
Layered juice colour (separation)
More juice but less pulp
Less juice but more pulp
Tastier & smoother juices
Not as smooth
Retains enzymes & nutrients
Nutrients & enzymes destroyed by heat

   Experience The Many Benefits Of Leafy Vegetables & Beans
Unlike conventional juicers, the 7smile Slow Juicer is able to juice leafy greens and beans so that you can obtain its many benefits conveniently and easily.

Key Features:
The appliance has 3 settings:
   : Starts the juicing
 : Stops the juicing
 : Reverses motor and is to be used only
              when food is stuck in the juicer
Pulp Container
Pulp Container
Cleaning Brush