For centuries, Moor Mud has been prized for its amazing skin-beautifying properties. Recent studies found Moor Mud so effective that medical professionals began touting it for its many health and beauty benefits. Incredibly popular in European spas, this natural wonder is now available to you.


20,000 years of evolution


1,000 precious herbs, plants and flowers


100% natural powerhouse of potent botanical compounds

Moor Mud Mask
93215    3g
Moor Mud is known to be good for:
Ageing skin
Dry skin
Oily skin
Line and wrinkles
Dark eye circles
Malnourished skin
Sensitive skin
Sun damaged skin

A-list celebrities like Madonna,
Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow SWEAR BY Moor Mud as their No 1 beauty regimen!

Bioavailable nutrients Moor mud consists of organic herbs, flowers and grasses that have gone through thousands of years of natural decomposition resulting in a fine, easily absorbed form that's saturated with youth-preserving amino acids, vitamins, biominerals, phytohotmones, humic and fulvic acid.

Ion exchange Moor mud replaces harmful positive ions in our skin with beneficial negative ions

Detoxifying, naturally! Its natural chelating properties detoxify and remove heavy metals and unwanted elements from skin

Energetic life force! Kirlian photography reveals that Moor Mud contains a life force that is imparted to skin to boost regeneration!

Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory Moor Mud helps strengthen skin's defences and keep a multitude of skin problems at bay!