New Improved Plant Stem Cell Formulation
Resets Your Skin's Ageing Clock

Product of Korea
Plant Cell Skin Solution
Face Serum
    93354    30ml

Better & Faster, Natural Results!
Certified Organic, Natural Ingredients!

Get ready to welcome beautiful new skin, and a younger-looking you,… regardless of your age!

Baby soft & smooth skin!
Flawless, bright & clear skin
Plump & fully moisturised skin
Firm, wrinkle-free skin
Amazing skin tone & elasticity

Radiant glowing complexion


Newly improved, all natural L'élan Vital Plant Cell Skin Solution penetrates quickly and deeply for better and faster results!

Bid Farewell to tired, old, problem-plagued skin as the serum works intensively from deep within cells to banish and prevent-age spots, creases, fine lines & wrinkles, dull tired skin, enlarged pores, blotchy patches, pigmentation, rough dry skin, etc.

"Immortal Stem Cells" from Wild Ginseng for younger-looking skin regardless of age
A revolution breakthrough resulting from over 10 years of research collaboration between stem cell researchers in Korea & the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom! Internationally patented!

Energy and vitality!
Under a microscope, the mitochondria in normal plant cells hardly move whereas the mitochondria in wild ginseng stem cells move very rapidly. This confirms the greater amount of life energy in stem cells.

Wild ginseng stem cells contain over 30 times the antioxidants of normal plant cells. Antioxidants from wild ginseng stem cells and Sparassis Crispa prevent the ravages of free radicals on your skin, which is especially important as you get older and your free radicals increase.

Restorative properties!
Wild ginseng stem cells, adenosine and amino acids reset your skin's "ageing clock" by boosting skin's power to renew itself. They increase skin fibroblasts that produce the collagen responsible for firm, taut skin. Plus, they restore damaged skin cells caused by UV radiation and ageing.

Immune boosters!
Wild ginseng stem cells and Sparassis Crispa can reduce skin imperfections like whiteheads or blackheads… ward off nasty breakouts caused by harmful germs and bacteria… and even fight premature ageing caused by weakened skin immunity.

Plant stem cells can help soothe inflammation on your face and help reduce skin irritation.

Now Fortified With New And More Powerful Anti-Oxidation, Moisturising And Firming Ingredients For A Skin-Revitalising And Age-Reversing Potential Like No Other!

Sparassis Crispa ('Cauliflower Mushroom')
A rare mushroom that thrives only in pristine conditions, with amazing scientifically proven free-radical busting abilities. Protects skin from damage and ageing caused by oxidative stress.

Amino Acids
Supply an abundance of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) to maintain optimum moisture levels; and collagen & elastin to keep skin plump and taut. Also includes an amino acid called cysteine that is crucial for melanin synthesis inhibition to help keep skin fair, even-toned and pigmentation-free.

An effective wrinkle-preventing ingredient that is proven superior to Retinol (Vitamin A) to retain youthful skin texture and keep skin as smooth as silk.

L'élan Vital Plant Cell Skin Solution is dedicated to help you care for your skin naturally.

• Certified Organic & Natural Ingredients
• No Artificial Colouring Or Fragrances Added
• Does Not Contain Any Alcohol Or Parabens
• Environmentally-Friendly
• Not Tested On Animals