Total Care & Protection Against Tooth Sensitivity!

Total Care Toothpaste

7720     100g

Xylin Total Care Toothpaste is formulated with clinically proven and patented Sodium Metasilicate to provide superior relief and protection for sensitive teeth as well as complete oral care benefits. Contains the safest and most effective ingredients that are excellent for both your oral hygiene and physical health.

All these amazing benefits in ONE toothpaste!
Relieves your tooth sensitivity!
Kills up to 99.9% of bacteria!
Prevents gingival diseases, plaque, cavities and tooth root inflammation!
Cleans, whitens and strengthens teeth!

Leaves mouth clean and fresh!

Xylin Total Care Toothpaste is the only toothpaste that contains Sodium Metasilicate, a patented ingredient that is clinically tested and proven superior to ordinary sensitive toothpastes!

How Sodium Metasilicate relieves sensitive teeth?
Tooth sensitivity is caused when receding gums or damage of enamel expose thousands of micro dentinal tubules that lead to the tooth's nerve.

Exposed dentinal tubules


Sodium Metasilicate seals off the dentinal tubules instantly, thereby blocking the pathways to the nerves that transmit the pain.  

Totally Safe Ingredients! 5 NOs!

NO Sulphates
May cause mouth ulcers and is toxic to the liver and kidney

NO Fluoride
Causes discoloration of teeth (fluorosis) and a potential cancer-causing ingredient

NO Saccharin
Excessive ingestion causes headache, diarrhea and breathing difficulties

NO Triclosan
Associated with allergies and an endocrine disruptor

NO Synthetic Preservatives
Potential cause of allergic reactions and hormone disruptor

Brushing our teeth with regular toothpastes leads to the ingestion of harmful ingredients every single day. The accumulation of these ingredients in our bodies can cause various health diseases in the long run.