100% Aluminium-Free Deodorant for Safe All Day Protection!

So safe
it's drinkable!

Product of Australia

93355     60ml

- Keeps you fresh and dry
- Controls odour causing bacteria
- Plant-based ingredients
- Naturally preserved
- Light and fresh scent

Effective blend of ingredients!
This unique formulation contains a powerful blend of Australian lemon myrtle, witch hazel and hops extract. These ingredients inhibit the growth of bacteria on the skin without blocking your sweat ducts.
The mild and non-sticky formulation consists of safe, food-grade ingredients that are naturally preserved to provide a gentle yet effective protection. It is also enriched with chamomile and aloe vera to keep your skin healthy.

The untold truth about antiperspirants! Why deodorants are the better choice!
Antiperspirants unnaturally hinder perspiration and odour by blocking your pores with aluminium compounds. The aluminium ions enter the cells and cause them to swell. This will squeeze the sweat ducts closed preventing sweat to be excreted.
Unlike antiperspirants, L'élan Vital Naturals Deodorant allows perspiration (a natural and much-needed process of regulating body temperature) but prevents odour by inhibiting the growth of bacteria. It also absorbs moisture from the perspiration to keep you fresh as a daisy.

Aluminium exposure - Do you know the health risks?
Scientific studies have shown that exposure to aluminium in antiperspirants can be linked to diseases like breast cancer. According to research, continuous topical application of antiperspirants may lead to a build-up of aluminium content in breast tissue at the outer breast region. Research have also shown that most breast cancers originate from the upper outer region of the breast,
which is nearest to the underarms area where antiperspirants are usually applied. [1] [2]

[1] Christopher E, Charle, L.M, Lester B, Martin C, Polwart A., Darbre P.D (2007),
Aluminium in human breast tissue. Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 101 (9), 1344-13346
[2] Darbre p.D (2001), Underarm Cosmetics are a Cause of Breast Cancer. European Journal of Cancer Prevention, 10, 389-393
Studies show that there is a significantly high number of female breast cancer which originates from the upper, outer quadrant of the breast.