Youthful, Healthy Skin &
Silky-Smooth Hair

Antioxidant Pomegranate
Known as the "fruit of life", Pomegranate contains powerful antioxidant to combat signs of ageing such as dehydrated skin, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and loss of elasticity, Pomegranate works in perfect synergy with Goat's Milk to restore and preserve the youthful beauty of our skin and hair.

Wholesome Goats Milk
The ancient beauty secret of Queen Cleopatra, a legendary beauty who bathed daily in Goat's Milk to keep her skin soft, smooth and supple. Goat's Milk contains abundance of protein, amino acids, fat, vitamins, minerals and lactic acid nourishes and intensively moisturises skin and hair to a healthy, silky-smooth finish.

Cream Bath

Soap-free, pH balanced formula forms a pampering milky lather to gently cleanse without stripping away skin's natural protective barrier.

It drenches skin with essential moisture and nourishing goodness, leaving skin incredibly soft, silky-smooth and supple - just like after stepping out from a real milk bath!

Cream Bath     93960     1000ml
Refill Pack     93960A     750ml

Value Pack for all in the family to enjoy!

Shampoo      93961     1000ml
Gently cleanses without weighing hair down. It replenishes moisture to every hair strand while reinforcing hair structure for increased strength, body and shine. Every wash leaves hair feeling wonderfully light, super-soft and smooth.

Conditioner     93966    200ml
A daily smoothening conditioner that moisturises and infuses vital nutrients to help repair dry, damaged hair. Every wash leaves hair satin-smooth and shining with vitality as it tames down frizz for wonderfully manageable hair. Suitable for all hair types.