Bust Lift Serum

- Lifts Breasts Up to 3cm on the 1st Application

- Instant Firming that Lasts up to 12 hours

100% natural active ingredients!
No pain, no surgery, no side effects

Bust Lift Serum
98920    20g


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Trial Ampoule
98920A    2g

After 17 years of research, EN Das Labor, Germany has found the solution to deliver amazing bust lifting and firming results like never before. Lélan Vital Bust Lift Serum uses only natural plant extracts and an advanced Rapid Delivery System to lift breasts from the 1st application.

Proprietary blend of Pueraria, Dang Gui, Ginseng and Mate
  • Tightens and firms up sagging breasts
  • Helps rebuild collagen and elastin to restore youthful, lifted contour
  • Improves the tone and texture of breast skin
Advanced Rapid Delivery System
The plant extracts are reduced to 15-60nm in size and delivered into skin in as fast as 1 second with an exclusive Rapid Delivery System. Breast are lifted and significantly firmer on the 1st application.

Lélan Vital
Bust Lift Serum

is excellent for

Heavy, full, sagging breasts

Loose, wide apart breasts

Lop-sided breasts