New Improved, Energised Liquid Chlorophyll
Oxygenates, Cleanses, Alkalises, Rebuilds & Deodorises
Concentrated chlorophyll from mulberry leaves. Suitable for those who dislike the green taste of green vegetables! Unlike chlorophyll from alfalfa, chlorophyll from mulberry is suitable for those with auto-immune disorders.

Super concentrated!
A tablespoon equals…
35kg green grapes
RAW Chinese cabbage
1.37kg RAW broccoli
RAW spinach
144g RAW kale
servings of fresh wheatgrass juice

Energised for better & faster effects

Liquid Chlorophyll Plus
Code: 34179    500ml
Nn Liquid Chlorophyll Plus is
Pour cola drink from a can into 2 glasses. Place one glass near Nn Liquid Chlorophyll Plus and another away from it. Taste the difference in the 2 glasses after 5 minutes! There will be a significant difference between the 2!
Nn Liquid Chlorophyll Plus is
more concentrated!

Try this demonstration at home to compare the concentration of various Chlorophyll products. Add 10ml of chlorophyll into 100ml water. Stir well. Add 10ml of the mixture into another 100ml water. Do it for various brands. Note the difference in concentration!

Increases the oxygen levels in your body
If you are staying in a city or spending much of your time indoors, especially in air-conditioned rooms, you're likely to suffer from the effects of low oxygen levels. Consequently, persistent tiredness, poor metabolism, poor mental acuity, aches and pains, may be a problem. Nobel Prize research has demonstrated that chlorophyll helps "build the blood. This helps to carry oxygen more efficiently throughout the whole body.
Alkalises the body to fight acidity
An acidic body is a magnet for sickness, disease and premature ageing. If your diet consists of rice, noodles, roti canai, chapati, breads, doughnuts, coffee etc, you're likely to have an acidic body and suffer weakened immunity, tiredness, sleepiness, poor memory and concentration, irritability, cold hands and feet, stiff neck, frozen shoulders, and a wide variety of unexplained aches and pains.

Detoxifies the body gently and effectively
Chlorophyll provides a gentle detoxifying effect inside your body, removing toxins that can find their way into your body via the air, water, food or the things you use.

Deodorises the breath & body from the inside out!
Fight body odour and bad breath without relying on perfumes, deodorants or breath mints. Chlorophyll is a natural deodorizer that works inside out.

Reduces internal "heatiness"
Perfect for those who enjoy durians, spicy or fried foods, or don't drink sufficient water daily. Great for breaking fast too.

Other benefits

Clears skin blemishes and
Alleviates anaemia
Anti-radiation & antioxidant