Natural Solution to Fight
Candida & Urinary Tract Infection

An all-natural, drug-free solution to provide quick relief for urinary tract discomfort and combat Candida infection. Not just one, but 2 patented & clinically proven ingredients - UTIROSE™ roselle extract and Cran-Max® cranberry extract.

Just 2 per day for quick relief

Urinary relief as early as the 1st day itself

Sugar-free formula with xylitol for healthy teeth & gums

Fights Candida & relieves symptoms associated with Candida overgrowth

Beneficial for oral care - reduces plaque, better breath, reduces cavity

Relieves problems associated with UTIs - difficulty in urination, frequent urge to urinate, painful/burning sensation during urination, cloudy urine, sensations like
their bladder is full, discharge, itch and odor

Cran-Max® is a trademark of Pharmachem, USA

UTIROSE™ is a trademark of
Naturex S.A.

Cran-Max® Plus
Code: 34204     50 chewable tablets
Super concentrated cranberry extract - more effective than common cranberry extract
2 tablets (500mg Cran-Max®) provide the anthocyanin equivalent to 7 glasses of cranberry juice!
Reduces Candida & bad bacteria adhesion by
over 97%!
Clinically proven - as effective as antibiotics to reduce UTI recurrence!
Published studies in Canadian Journal of Urology, The Gynaecologist's & Obsterician's Journal and Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

Roselle extract with polyphenols : flavonoids (gossypetin) and proanthocyanidins. Standardized to > 40% organic acids, > 5% sambubiosides, > 45% phenolic compounds
Potent anti-microbial effects against Candida
and antibioticresistant bacteria
Works within 24 hours to eradicate bad bacteria E. coli
Clinically proven in randomized, double-blind, placebocontrolled study

Some of the health complaints associated with Candida overgrowth:
Abdominal discomfort
Mood swings
Athlete's foot
Muscle aches
Bad breath
Nasal congestion & sinus
Bloating and belching
Body odor
Numbness or tingling
Crumbling fingernails
Rectal itch
Crumbling toenails
Recurring armpit rash
Recurring throat irritation
Excessive gas and
Skin irritation, itch, eczema,
Food allergies
Sugar cravings
Fuzzy memory
Thrush (white sores in the
Hair loss & scalp itch
Unexplained tiredness
Urinary tract infections
Jock itch
Vaginitis - itch, discharge,
Joint aches
Lack of focus
Weight gain
Mental fog