Look Younger, Stay Healthier
with Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water!

Alkaline and hydrogen-rich with antioxidant properties
Smaller water clusters for better cell absorption
Mineralised to support total body health

Water Filtration System 2
Code: 48121     1 unit

Made in Korea  
BETTER Filtration, GREATER Durability with NEW IMPROVED 3-Step Filtration!

Improved cartridges with thicker filtration media to allow a more thorough filtration against various contaminants & odours
Designed with greater durability to withstand high water pressure

After 1 year trial on more than 10 countries with various water conditions, here are the testimonials from the happy users:

Amazing! It is able to filter off the contaminants and odours from my tap water which is contaminated by a nearby shoe factory!

Mr Ou Yang, Hui Zhou, China

No more bad odour in my drinking water!
Ms Pueng, Bangkok, Thailand

This system is durable, having able to withstand my house high water pressure!
Mr Li, Hong Kong

It has not given me any problem even under high water pressure! Durable, easy to maintain and provides me with health beneficial water.
Mr Lau, Sabah, Malaysia

My dad seldom has gout attacks with regular intake of alkaline hydrogen rich water.
Mr. Raymond, KL, Malaysia

My family and I are enjoying the alkalizing and antioxidant benefits just by drinking the water from Hexagon Water Filtration System 2.
Mrs. Lee, Seoul, Korea

Easy to clean and maintain! A must have in everyone's household. Value for money!
Ms. Lee, Hebei, China

The water tastes great and the system is easy to maintain.
Ms Davis, California, USA

Helps me to lose 3kgs within 5 months and this makes me look younger!
Ms. Elaine, Singapore

The frequency of my severe migraine attacks lessen after drinking the alkaline hydrogen-rich water from Hexagon Water Filtration System 2.
Ms. Comark, Melbourne, Australia