COSWAY's 5Ps of Marketing
COSWAY brings together the 5 Principles of Marketing in a unique, mutually supportive system that has proven to be highly successful in helping you with your business efforts.
  Physical Distribution


Extensive range of quality products to meet every need

COSWAY distributes a wide range of exclusive, quality products from established manufacturers all over the world.

These products are readily in demand as they fulfill the everyday needs of customers. Many possess unique features that distinguish them from other products in the market. Together, they ensure repeat sales and growing customer base.

Personal Care
Home Care
Auto Care

Dynamic New Product Introduction - COSWAY listens to its customers and analyses current market trends to understand their changing needs to continuously develop and introduce exciting value-for-money products and services throughout the year. COSWAY's ever-expanding product range is its way of boosting and maintaining product demand and sales growth.


Great-Value Pricing to retain customer loyalty

Known for providing great value-for-money products, COSWAY's pricing strategy allows its quality products to be more affordable and appealing to a wider range of people. COSWAY achieves this by purchasing in large quantities directly from manufacturers, and then passing on the big-volume discounts to its members and customers.

All-year-round excitement makes recruitment and selling easier

COSWAY believes in proactive, aggressive, exciting promotions to help members recruit more members, attract customers and retain customer loyalty.

Monthly Promotions - Members can look forward to exciting offers and bargain buys all-year-round. In addition to COSWAY's regular products, these promotions also include gift, food items and innovative products at lower-than-retail prices.

Great Redemption Programme - Members simply love this! Hundreds of valuable gifts can be redeemed for totally free or at below-cost prices by collecting Redemption Coupons when they purchase COSWAY products.

Redemption Point (RP) - Special price reductions on COSWAY products for members.

Training and Product Demonstrations - Conducted regularly throughout the country to help members train their network of downline members.

COSWAY products are made available wherever you are

COSWAY products are available at hundreds of easily accessible sales centres located throughout the country. This ensures that there will always be a centre close to where you or your downline members work or live. This gives you great advantages:

No keeping of stocks for your downline members. You buy only what you need.
No delivery of products to your downline members because they can buy directly from the sales centres too.
Lets you recruit members anywhere, everywhere. The sales centres are present at every part of the country, next to where you work or live and also in shopping complexes.
Redemption Centre
Sales Centre

A lifetime of income earnings

The COSWAY Bonus Plan is an amazing compensation plan with unlimited income potential. Its unique "No Breakaway" feature ensures that the income you build today lasts well into the future. You can even will your income to your children!

Build Your Group And Keep It Forever
Everyone you introduce into COSWAY becomes a branch of your network. Everyone that these new members and their downline members subsequently introduce, become branches of your network too.

There is no 'breakaway' in the COSWAY system. This means that COSWAY does not limit the number of branches or levels, or set a certain sales volume after which a branch of your network is separated from you.

In COSWAY, the members in your network will always remain with you. You are thus assured of continuous and unlimited growth.

No Breakaway Plan
1st level members
1st level members
2nd level members
2nd level members
3rd level members
3rd level members